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About this project


This project began as an effort to share the beauty of the Bahá’í World Centre with friends and family during my period of service and evolved into a collection of photographs of the Bahá’í holy places in Haifa and ‘Akká, available to anyone who wishes to see them.  It is hoped that they may serve as a resource or assistance, to be used for presentations on the Bahá’í Faith, for decoration, to be shared with loved ones, or for any other befitting purpose.  


This is by no means an official site.  It is a personal initiative undertaken in a spirit of service to make pictures of the Bahá'í holy places available to all the friends that would like to make use of them.  I hope that you enjoy them and that they may transport you to these indescribable yet magnetic places that touch the heart and soul. 

Bahá'í Faith

Beyond the beauty of these sacred places, the true majesty of the Bahá’í Faith lies in its principles and teaching, brought by its founder Bahá'u'lláh, including the oneness of mankind, the equality of women and men, the  harmony of religion and science, and the independent investigation of truth.


In these principles we find new meaning to life and in His revealed Word we will find a source of knowledge and illumination to humanity. 


It is beyond the scope of this space to describe and make an adequate description of this Faith. Therefore, I invite you to research more in the link below, where you can learn a great deal about this source of light to the world.


About other projects

Besides this website, I do other photography work and calligraphy work. In case you are interested there is a link down for you to check or go to this website:

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